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Lexicon MC-12 HD

Lexicon has been the premier supplier of digital audio technology products for almost forty years. The first company to realize a digital processor designed for surround sound, Lexicon has always been a leader in the development of new technology to enhance both audio production and playback.

Today, Lexicon processing is used on more than eighty percent of all recordings – broadcast, film soundtracks, and music alike. Whether you’re watching the latest blockbuster movie at the cinema, viewing the hottest DVD release on your home theater, or simply enjoying a favorite CD while driving to work, Lexicon technology was very likely used during the audio production process.

Lexicon Logic 7™ Processing

As universal as Lexicon processing is to the audio industry, Lexicon engineers haven’t ceased investigating the complex phenomena of recreating and simulating true-to-life acoustics. Lexicon Logic 7 processing is a direct result of their efforts – a proprietary technology, Logic 7 derives a seven-channel surround sound experience from any two-channel or multi-channel source to realistically increase the perceived width, length, and sense of envelopment during the surround sound experience.

Based upon years of psycho-acoustic research, Logic 7 strikes a delicate balance between channel separation and surround envelopment. When Logic 7 is active, sound pans smoothly from the front speakers to the side speakers and finally to the rear speakers, creating a sense of motion flowing around the listeners and a sense of wide-open spaces. Signal variances between the rear and side speakers strengthen the sense of spaciousness and widen the overall listening area. The result is a more encompassing surround experience for multiple listeners.

World-class Performance

Award-winning Lexicon products are known worldwide for their unsurpassed audio clarity. Satisfying even the demanding audiophile with their reference-level performance, Lexicon products ensure an experience that is true not only to theater-quality sound but to the original intention of the artist or producer.

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Immerse Yourself in Sound

For a technical discussion of how matrix surround decoders work, read the “Multi-channel Matrix Surround Decoders for Two-Eared Listeners” AES paper, presented and written by Lexicon’s most esteemed research scientist, Dr. David Griesinger.